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During the current spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our area, our focus on safety is even more paramount. We are following all recommended CDC and ADA guidelines.  

We are very busy cleaning and sanitizing all patient areas after each patient.

We are monitoring all staff for any signs of illness or contact with COVID-19 on a daily basis.


We are Masked, Gloved, Gowned, Covered from Head to Toe…but are wearing name tags with our picture so you will still know who we are!


PPE Full Body

What you can do:  


Stay Home if you feel sick!  All patients are screened for any signs of illness or contact with coronavirus. No cancellation fees will be charge if you cancel due to Covid-19 concerns.


Come Alone!  Only the patient is permitted to enter our offices. If the patient requires assistance or parent (for minors), the accompanying visitor must be in good health. 


Wear a mask! All patients and visitors are required to wear a face-covering.


Call Us!   We request that you call when you arrive in our parking lot and wait until we have prepared for you.


Keep Your Distance!  We have separated chairs in our waiting room to allow proper distancing.


Wash your hands!   Soap and water are best, but we have hand sanitizer available for your use.


Everyone’s health and safety is vitally important to us, so please be patient if it takes longer as we are following these important guidelines.


Additional resources:


As Dental Practices Resume Operations, ADA offers Continued Guidance

CDC Guidance for Dental Settings Echoes ADA Guidance


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